Chris Ising (eye-zing) hails from Winnipeg Canada, where the winters are long and as a teenager you are either out in the bone chilling cold playing hockey or in the basement with a guitar in hand. Since the age of seven music has played an immense role in Chris’ life. It was then that his parents thought it time to sign Chris and his two brothers up for music lessons – after seeing them imitate their favorite rock stars (mainly KISS) using upside down pots for drums and card board cutout guitars. As a teenager Chris could be found playing bass and taking on vocals jamming to Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Rush and Living Color.

During his university years Chris started his walk down the song writing path. Chris found a new love for country music, taken in by the multitude of emotions that country music brings to life through its instrumentation and vocals.

In 2005 Chris signed his first publishing contract for ‘Another Lesson Learned’, a song co-written with good friend Hank Reeves.

In 2008 Chris was proud to be chosen as one of the twelve attendees worldwide to take part in the 2008 Jeffrey Steele Songwriting Boot Camp. That experience not only taught him how the music business operated behind the scenes, but also made him realize that being a songwriter was his profession.

2010 saw his first song head into the studio with a band out of Fort Rucker, Alabama.

With the release of his 2015 debut CD “Serenity”, Winnipeg singer/songwriter Chris Ising scored two U.S. #1’s on indie radio and one U.K. #1. As well as song of the year for “I’m From the Country” (2015 Josie Show/Country Blast Radio Awards) and “And When I’m Dead” (2015 Manitoba Country Music Awards)

Chris followed up ‘Serenity’ in 2016 with the release of 14 new tracks on ‘Got The Girl’. ‘I’m Not Ready To Let Go’ – a moving duet with Missouri artist Laura Ashley won Chris a second Songwriter of the year award at the 2016 Manitoba Country Music Awards.